he Renaissance Historical Society of Florida was founded in 1982 by the Society's Director, Joe Allen, and by George Earl Brown and Dan Fitzgerald. The Society has gained much recognition within the last 21 years. The largest event of the year is the presentation of the only Italian Renaissance Festival in the Western Hemisphere®. Previously held at the Villa Vizcaya Gardens, for the past 21 years, we are bringing to you this magnificent event at the Famed Hialeah Park for our 22nd anniversary.

he Festival will be held in the Famed Hialeah Park.You are invited to join us March 26th, 27th and 28th as we go back in time to the 15th Century.

xperience the Chivalry and Excitement of the LivingChess© Game by our talented
"Chessmasters d' Italia".
Let yourself be mesmerized by the Exquisite performance of the Masque d' San Marco Court Dancers as they charm you with their "Dances of The Renaissance" Ball. Tap to the Fiddle tunes of our Peasant Troupe dances, with "Symple Pleasures"! Meet the Enticing Ladies of the Courtesan Court" and Sing with the Bawdy Wenches of "The Ladies of the Dagger & Rose".

tep Back in Time and Join Us for the Italian Renaissance Festival of 2004.........

A sincere thanks to our RHS Photographer, Darrell Cunningham,
for his generosity in providing us with most of the pictures contained on this site.

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