honda Broner joined the Renaissance Historical Society
in 1988. Getting totally involved right from the beginning, she started with the
Renaissance dance troupe, The Masque di San Marcos dancers, performing at the
Festival and also at private parties and various functions throughout the tri-county area.

sing her education and profession in commercial art and her love for history,
she soon became Advertising Director for the Society, which included designing
all of the posters, programs, flyers, t-shirts, newspaper ads and more for every
festival that we produced.

he has also had the honor of portraying many famous women in history at
the festival and private functions over the years: Queen Isabella of Spain, Queen
Elizabeth I, Beatrice Sforza, the Duchess of Milan and the Dogaressa of Venice.

s mentioned above, Rhonda Broner is a professional Art Director/Designer
specializing in print advertising, with a very diversified client base,
from fashion to plastic Surgery.

honda Broner served as the RHS Advertising Director from 1988 until
the Spring of 2004. We will miss her beautiful artwork on our Festival
Posters and we thank her for her years of dedication.

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