he Renaissance Historical Society of Florida was
founded in 1982 by the Society's Director, Joe Allen, and by George Earl |
Brown and Dan Fitzgerald. The Society has gained much recognition within
the last 21 years.

oe Allen has directed the Renaissance Historical Society for 22 years.
His service and dedication to the Society has helped many talented members
to demonstrate their talents as Musicians, Actors, Dancers and Teachers.

s Director of the Renaissance Historical Society Council, we thank
"Uncle Joe" for his many years of love and dedication to our wonderful Society.

Joe Allen - Director - Ph: (305) 759-6651; 1122 NE 91 Street, Miami Shores Fl 33138
Dan & Dixie Fitzgerald - Assistant Directors (305) 895-7317 passttymes@aol.com
Bill Sims - Promotions & Media Relations - italyfest@aol.com
Paul Anthony Llossas - Chancellor - kal-El77@msn.com
Advertising Director-*Open Seat - kal-El77@msn.com *Contact Chancellor
Membership *Open Seat - kal-El77@msn.com *Contact Chancellor
Maria Bloom - Entertainment & Hospitality Coordinator - Marialcsw@aol.com
Patricia Conradi - Booth/Vendors Coordinator (305) 757-5136
Lisa Howard - Garb Constable - howardlisa@aol.com
Sheryl Koral - Wenches Director - skoral@bellsouth.net
Doris De Villavicencio - Web Site Administrator - (305) 519-8950 designsbyd@cfl.rr.com

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